We hope that you are safe and well.  At Thrums Vets we have been getting a lot of questions about vaccinating your pets.  Please read this for more information

Just like the supermarkets, we have seen a number of people stockpiling all types of medications. We have coped with this but are keen to manage this as best we can so that everyone can get the medication their pet needs in the week and months ahead. We really care that everyone is treated fairly so we can make sure stock levels are managed in a sustainable way.

We would therefore really encourage clients to do the following, especially regarding tick, flea and wormer treatments. We are starting to see the seasonal tick population rise after the recent weather and temperature rise.

By following this procedure, we will try to make sure that everyone gets the right medication at the right time. 

Clients on our Practice Plan

  1. Clients who are members of our Practice Plan should email admin@thrumsvet.co.uk when they require flea/wormer/tick treatments. This will free up our phone lines for the receptionists who are dealing with emergencies.
  2. We will then post out (free of charge) 3 month’s worth of flea/tick/wormer. By doing this, it will save you coming into the surgery keeping you and our staff, nice and safe. It will also allow us to manage the administration in a much easier way.
  3. Plan clients will continue to receive a 10% discount on our new video consultation service.

Clients not on the Practice Plan

Ideally,  please email us your request when you need your pet’s preventative parasite medication. If you cannot email please phone between 2 and 4 pm as our lines are busy with emergencies. Please continue to phone the surgery only when you need your pet’s preventative parasite medication. Be aware that the phones may be busy with emergencies. If you require medication to be posted, there is a small postal charge for non-plan clients.

If you could possibly sign up to the plan here it would make our lives a lot easier as:

  1. You can spread the costs for routine health care over a year making it more manageable.
  2. We can reduce the cost for you. By knowing the number of pets on our plan, we can do our buying more efficiently and we pass that saving onto you, our clients. Our average plan clients save on average around £50 a year.
  3. It means we can offer the best of care we can for your pet.
  4. We also have a Plan Extra which offers free consultations all year.

We have attached a note of the costs and benefits below. 

Finally we will be in touch very soon to let you know about dog and cat vaccinations. Rest assured we will endeavour to keep all your pets as safe and as healthy as we possibly can.

Thrums Vet Pet Plan

Yes Please … Sign Up For a Pet Plan

My pet needs a vaccination, what should I do?

At Thrums Vets we have been getting a lot of questions about vaccinating your pets. We all know vaccinations are really important and are an essential part of keeping our pet healthy but at the minute our country is in a lockdown situation, and our ability to safely give these to your pets, has very much changed.

Continuing guidance from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (who are our regulatory body) only urgent and emergency cases can be seen in order to maintain social distancing. Unless there is a real and immediate risk of a disease outbreak, and your pet is without any protection, vaccinations are not considered urgent.

Therefore, at this time we are unable to see your pet and administer their annual booster vaccination or a kennel cough vaccination.

If you have a new puppy or kitten which is eight weeks of age, they will still have antibodies from their mother which will help protect them for the next 2-4 weeks. They are only at a significant risk after that, if they are exposed to the diseases we vaccinate for. The easy way to prevent this exposure is to keep them in the house, the garden and away from unvaccinated dogs or cats. You can still socialise pups by carrying them around if you are out on your daily walk. They will see new sights and sounds and will be safe from picking up these diseases, if you carry them.

The good news is if your pet has had a vaccine course when they were a puppy or kitten, it will offer immunity for some time. And even if your pet is due a vaccination booster, in many cases, leaving it for three months does not seem to be associated with a significant risk of disease. 

We will continue to review guidance from the Government and RCVS along with our local situation and as soon as it is safe to resume normal care for your pet, we will be in touch to make sure they catch up on what they need. 

We know this is a very difficult time and we are so grateful to everyone for your understanding.  Please get in touch via email if you have any non-urgent questions and once more, thank you!