Backyard Poultry Vaccination Days

Next week we a going to be holding vaccination days for backyard and pet chickens for the first time.

Historically chicken vaccines come in multiples of 1000 doses, which has generally put people off using them in backyard chickens and restricted their use to the large chicken farms for which they were designed. If your birds have come form a commercial farm or from one of the larger rare-breed rearers, then them may have been vaccinated in the past but it is likely that has since lapsed. However most backyard birds bought as chicks have had little or no protection.

So we have decided to try-out a ‘mass-vaccination’ for our clients birds, where we will open a large bottle of vaccine, and share it out amongst multiple chicken-keepers to offer their birds protection in a more cost-effective and practical way.

Once reconstituted, the vaccine needs to be used within 2 hours, either orally or by eye-drop. You can either collect the doses and take them home to give yourself, or bring your birds to the surgery where we can administer the dose.

The vaccine we will be using next week will cover 2 strains of Infectious Bronchitis, a common virus causing disease primarily of the respiratory tract, but also potentially causing damage to the kidneys and oviduct. If the vaccination day proves popular then we would hope to offer further days in the future for new birds and boosters, and possibly also for other strains and diseases.

The vaccination clinic times will be as follows:

Wednesday 18th October 2017

10am – 12pm at the Kirriemuir surgery

2pm – 4pm at the Blairgowrie surgery

Thursday 19th October 2017

10am – 12pm at the Blairgowrie surgery

2pm – 4pm at the Kirriemuir surgery

Please call the surgery to make an appointment to have your birds vaccinated, or to order the number of doses you require to take home.

The cost is £4 per dose if administered at surgery or £2 per dose if collected.

If you have any further questions please call the surgery and ask to speak to Chris

Kirriemuir 01575 572643 Blairgowrie 01250 871010


At Thrums Vet Group we provide treatment and advice for our wide range of poultry clients, be it small backyard flocks or large commercial units. We also have years of experience working with game-birds on local estates.

We are happy to see individual birds at our surgery for examination and treatment, but also offer site visits and inspections for any flock based problems. Should it prove necessary we are able to carry out in house post-mortems to provide rapid diagnosis, with culture and sensitivity results to aid quicker decisions on treatments.

At our surgery we stock all kinds of poultry medicines, from routine prophylactic parasitic treatments for worms, lice and mites, as well as prescription medicines required for more serious disease problems. Should you require to discuss any problems you have pertaining to poultry or game birds then please contact our surgery to speak to Chris or Helen.