Complete care for all poultry and game birds

Poultry Services

We provide treatment and advice for our wide range of poultry clients, be it small backyard flocks or large commercial units. We also have years of experience working with game-birds on local estates.

We are happy to see individual birds at our surgery for examination and treatment, but also offer site visits and inspections for any flock based problems. Should it prove necessary we are able to carry out in house post-mortems to provide rapid diagnosis, with culture and sensitivity results to aid quicker decisions on treatments.

At our practices in Kirriemuir and Blairgowrie we stock all kinds of poultry medicines, from routine prophylactic parasitic treatments for worms, lice and mites, as well as prescription medicines required for more serious disease problems. Should you wish to discuss any problems you have pertaining to poultry or game birds then please contact us and speak to the team.

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Backyard flock vaccine club

We’re introducing our backyard flock vaccine club to make it as easy as possible to keep your birds protected from illnesses, viruses and bacteria.

We buy vaccines in bulk and package them into single doses, ready for you to administer to your poultry at home, usually as eye drops but also sometimes as injections.

All you need to do is let us know how many doses you need in advance, then on the day pick them up from our Kirriemuir branch and you’re good to go – although it’s important to remember that you only have two hours to administer the vaccine from when you pick them up, so prepare in advance!

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