PDSA is a charitable veterinary service, caring for the pets of people in need as well as promoting responsible pet ownership through a UK-wide network of 51 Pet Hospitals and around 380 Pet Practice Services. In smaller towns and communities where PDSA does not have a Pet Hospital, PDSA works with local private veterinary practices to provide charitable veterinary services to pet owners receiving means-tested benefits.

Thrums Vetererinary Group provides this service for pet owners living in the following postcode areas:

PH8, PH9, PH10, PH11, PH15, PH16, PH17, PH18 and DD8

You’ll need to register your pet with PDSA before you can access funded veterinary treatment at our practice. So call in to one of our Surgeries or go to for more information about how we can help you care for your pet.

Remember the PDSA only covers basic veterinary care and it doesn’t cover worming or vaccinations, out-of-hours appointments, home visits, pet food, neutering, dental care, cremation, chemotherapy, specialist referral or any control of a bitch’s season. If you want more comprehensive cover you should consider pet insurance. The PDSA charitable scheme covers some operations and some medicines; it doesn’t cover all operations and all medicines.

Last year, PDSA provided almost 2.7 million veterinary treatments at its Pet Hospitals and helped nearly 38,000 pet owners to access funded veterinary care through local PDSA Pet Practice Services.

PDSA doesn’t receive any HM Government or National Lottery funding — it relies entirely on donations from kind supporters. This year it needs to raise £60 million to continue its life-saving treatment.


Unfortunately there is no national health service for animals and therefore we think that insurance is a very important thing to have. We do not recommend any company in particular but we do recommend that all pets are insured. This avoids the heart breaking scenario where owners are unable to afford the best possible treatments for their animal.

There are two main types of insurance. The first one is where an animal’s problem is covered for a year. This is a bit cheaper but is not good for long term problems such as arthritis, skin allergies or heart disease.

The second type covers an animals condition for a lifetime. This costs a little more per month but is definitely a good idea. If you are in two minds about which type to get then we would recommend getting the better insurance for the first 2-3 years until you know that long term problems are less likely to appear.

If you are unsure about which type of policy you want then please phone the surgery for some general help.

If you need to make a claim via your pets insurance we have a dedicated member of staff who can process the claim forms once you have simply filled in and signed your part of the form. In essence it is very simple and straight forward to make a claim.

As with all insurance please read the small print and make sure you are properly covered.