Communication and Socialisation are the keys to good behaviour.

Socialisation is the process whereby animals learn about themselves and their environment. A pups mind is like a sponge until around 6 months old with them keen to explore and learn about new situations. However gradually, they can become fearful and anxious when they meet something new after 8 months of age, so it is important to expose your pup to as many new situations in as pleasant way as possible as soon as possible after their vaccinations are complete. For example, introduce them to things they may not normally meet on a day to day basis, such as a town situation if you live in the country or vica versa, children if there are none in your household, people in uniform.

Your pup should receive treats and rewards from people other than yourself as this encourages a more social dog and also discourages them from being hand-shy. We offer puppy socialisation classes within the practice which encourages pups to meet other dogs and also introduces them into the surgery without anything happening to them. This makes them much less fearful in the future when they do visit the surgery. Communication is important for pups to encourage good behaviour. You should always reward good behaviour either with a treat of very positive body language and only ignore bad behaviour. Never hit or shout at your pup. Chewing It’s normal for a pup to explore it’s environment by chewing things so it is important to have suitable toys available for them rather than letting them chew the kitchen table leg! A great idea is to get a Kong stuffed with treats or paste. This will often keep them amused for ages. Remember to never throw sticks for your dog. Sticks can cause a huge amount of damage to a dog’s mouth and throat

Socialisation in dogs
Dogs socialising
Dogs Socialising