We’re one of the few locally owned, independent vets in Angus, and our animal hospital in Kirriemuir helps us to provide a tailored service to pets and clients throughout the surrounding areas.

The superb facilities at our Kirriemuir location allow us to provide all of our Thrums clients advanced services such as keyhole surgery, orthopaedic surgeries, acupuncture and overnight hospitalisation. The hospital also serves as our emergency and out of hours base, meaning that all of our clients are in familiar hands should they find themselves needing unexpected veterinary care. We put extra attention into helping our patients in their golden years to stay feeling young with our senior health checks – because we all want to be like Peter Pan around this neck of the woods!

Our highly experienced farm vet and equine vet teams are also based out of Kirriemuir, from where they cover the whole of Angus and Perthshire. We have hospitalisation facilities for horses, as well as the ability to hospitalise and drip calves.

We’re proud members of our community and we look to support our neighbours. We do regular talks for schools and community groups, including tours of our practice. We also are passionate fundraisers for local charities, with recent campaigns seeing donations to McMillan cancer care, Bardet-Biedl Syndrome UK and Scotland’s Air Ambulance service.

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Our Practice Plan is designed to spread the cost of preventative care across a monthly direct debit. Our Practice Plan Extra goes one step further, allowing us to provide the highest standard of care to our patients, including unlimited free consultations with our vets and nurses. That’s right – plan members can visit our practice as often as they like, and they won’t be charged for consultations! Find out more today.

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Kirriemuir is where Thrums Vet Group originated many decades ago. In 2000 we moved from a converted shop, to our modern purpose built home. Kirriemuir is our largest surgery and all aspects of small animal, farm and equine are cared for from here. Kirriemuir is the base of 13 vets, 7 nursing staff and 8 reception and administration staff.

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