Your pets are our family

We understand how much your pets mean to you. We love animals, too. It’s why we do what we do.

We treat all small animals, not just cats and dogs. Bring us your rabbits, guineas pigs, hens, reptiles and more!

We’ll make sure your pets stay happy, healthy and in top condition!

Thrums Vets: Caring for the pets of Angus and East Perthshire since 1948

We have cared for over 50,000 pets since we first opened our doors in 1948, and as Scotland’s largest independent group, we look forward to making friends with many, many more.

We’re very proud that all our team members are pet owners themselves – between us we have more than 70 pets, from dogs and cats, to chickens and… peacocks!

Our clients have pets because they want to care for and share their lives with a companion. We understand the importance and strength of this bond, and do everything we can to help you to keep your pet healthy and happy throughout every stage of their life.

To do that, we keep our values at the core of our practice: integrity, community, excellence, happiness and friendship.

Compassionate vets, state-of-the-art facilities

We offer a wide range of services and have fantastic facilities and equipment, allowing us to provide the highest standards of care and support. Our practices in Kirriermuir, Blairgowrie, Scone and Forfar are at the heart of our local communities providing a wide range of preventative healthcare and emergency critical care whenever you and your pet need us.

We are always looking to innovate, and being independent means that we can make decisions locally to do just that. For example, we are one of the few practices in Scotland who can offer laparoscopy, otherwise known as keyhole surgery, and we can tackle advanced orthopaedic surgical procedures and we are leading members of the XLVets community.

As well as this, we encourage all of our clients to join our Practice Plan – exclusive to Thrums Vets – which spreads the cost of preventative care and saves you money, ensuring we can provide patients with the best possible care.

Explore our website to find out more about how we can help you, or if you’re already convinced that we’re the best option for you and your pet, join our Practice Plan online today!

Our Services


We provide vaccinations appropriate for each of our patients and their risk level, based on a chat with our clients about their pet’s lifestyle.

Ticks, worms and fleas

We provide a bespoke parasite prevention programme for all our patients, helping to limit our impact on the environment.


We discuss each individual case with our clients to work out the best plan of action for when to neuter a pet, helping to avoid health concerns later in life and preventing unwanted pregnancies.

Out of hours and emergency services

We provide our own out of hours and emergency service, 24/7 365 days a year, so that you will always see a Thrums vet with access to your pet’s clinical records.


Our vets are experienced in performing many surgeries, from minor lump removals to more advanced orthopaedic surgeries.


We offer laparoscopy, commonly known as keyhole surgery, which means we are able to reduce invasiveness for some surgeries, reducing pain and recovery times.


We can investigate stomach and gut problems without the need to go straight to surgery, meaning a quicker recovery and less pain for our patients.

In-house lab

We have in-house blood testing equipment which means that for the vast majority of cases we are able to get results within a few minutes, and we can use external labs for more complex cases.

Dental work

We have dental x-ray facilities so we can fully assess cases before deciding upon treatment options.


We have a network of referral facilities who can take on complicated or advanced procedures we cannot cater for in-house, such as behavioural referrals and spinal surgery.

The best choice for your pet

  • Free nurse checks for puppies, kittens and new registrations, plus free advice on all aspects of caring for your family pet.

  • Come back each year for vaccinations and annual health checks (all included in our Practice Plan Extra for cats and dogs) and if you’ve got any questions, just ask, we’ll happily put your mind at rest.
  • Our practices have everything you need to care for your pet, including food, toys and medication.

  • With 24 vets across four practices, we never outsource our patients. Day or night, we guarantee you’ll always see a Thrums vet.

Cost effective care

Keep your pet healthy, save money and make life simpler with the Practice Plan Extra Exclusive to Thrums Vets. You get all this:

  • Unlimited vet and nurse consultations

  • Year round flea, worm & tick treatments
  • Annual vaccinations

  • 10% off all goods & services

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Free checks for your pet

Don’t wait for an emergency. Our vet nurses are happy to provide advice and basic health checks for free.

  • Dental checks

  • Weight clinics
  • Advice on flea & tick prevention

  • Puppy and kitten care

  • Elderly pet health checks

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