For the health of your flock

We take an active interest in all things related to sheep health and production. We provide a 24 hour, 365 day service, including:
• Emergency work including lambings and caesarean sections, for which we have purpose built facilities in the practice.
• Treatment of individual sick animals.
• Surgical procedures such as vasectomies.
• Proactive health planning to avoid problems and maximise production.
• Full fertility examination including semen analysis of breeding rams.
• Advice on vaccination programmes.
• Lameness control and eradication strategies.
• Worm and fluke advice.
• Ultrasound scanning for OPA/Jaagsiekte.
• In-house worm egg counting and fluke egg checks.
• Post mortem examinations.
• Advice on parasite control and dealing with wormer resistance problems.
• Blood sampling for health schemes such as Maedi Visna and Enzootic Abortion.
• Blood sampling for nutrition profiling and trace element deficiencies.

At Thrums we also run our own Flock Health Club where a group of proactive farmers meet three times a year to discuss seasonally relevant sheep topics and benchmark some key performance indicators. Participation also entitles members to access discounts on certain medicines and services and includes free health planning time.