Itchy Dog Season

We are well into the allergy season when we  see an increase in the number of pets presenting with itchy skin. Seasonal allergies can cause discomfort and frustration for both pets and their owners.

Also known as atopy, seasonal allergies are a common condition in cats and dogs triggered by various environmental allergens such as pollen, mould spores, dust mites, and certain foods. Symptoms include excessive itching, scratching, and licking, red and inflamed skin, hot spots and hair loss. Classically these animals with start to lick and groom themselves excessively. We also see cases, mainly in dogs which have repeated ear problems which are caused by an underlying allergy.

If you suspect your pet has seasonal allergies, schedule a visit at the surgery. Our experienced vets can diagnose the cause of your pet’s symptoms and develop an appropriate treatment plan that may include medication, changes in diet, and environmental modifications.

We may occasionally prescribe antihistamines or corticosteroids but now we are using much safer and more effective medications   such as immune-modulating drugs or even monoclonal antibodies to stop the itch. For certain allergies we may suggest environmental modifications may include minimizing exposure to allergens by keeping your pet indoors during peak allergy season, using air purifiers and vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters,

At Thrums Vets, we understand that seasonal allergies can be frustrating for pets and owners alike. However, with proper diagnosis and management, your pet can still live a happy and healthy life despite their allergies. Don’t hesitate to schedule a visit with us if you suspect your pet has seasonal allergies.

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