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When we all qualified we wanted to be the  good  vet who was confident with all the usual “fun” emergencies.

Having the  confidence to be the vet who can deal with first opinion work well, knowing that there was always someone in the background there to help, just in case…… we all need someone around, just in case….

Everyone needs  time, the space, the facilities and the support to do a good job looking after our patients and clients. That takes an ecosystem of cleaners, receptionists, new grads, vets, senior vets and directors, all working together to achieve the same goal. People make a great practice and Thrums spend a lot of time developing our people and and our ecosystem. We are really proud to work in a great team of nice, normal people.

We are growing and developing.

Thrums has lots of lovely clients and what makes us different, is we match the amount of work to our team. It’s only when we have the right  team in place, we let more patients into the practice. This keeps both  work load  and client expectations in a comfortable balance.

We are always looking for new keen enthusiastic vets to join us to allow our practice to grow sustainably. We want to grow as we get additional team members, not before. Life is too short to be working all hours and not enjoying work.

Just like all the other practices looking for vets we have all the vet toys you would expect. Blood machines, Digital x-ray, laparoscopic surgery unit are all here. What we also provide, is that safe ecosystem to thrive in. Mixing the opportunity  to take on the cool cases, discuss these cases and also develop great client relationships. Support to make things easy but also support when things get tough. We have a team ethos and want you to grow and enjoy being a vet. 

You might stay forever in this great, affordable part of the county but if you don’t, that’s ok because good  team members will always  stride forward in the next stage of their career with some extra skills, a  confidence and an appreciation of what a great place to work looks like. 

Within the team we have climbers, musicians, readers, cyclists, hill walkers, kayakers, gin tasters, cake bakers, cake eaters, park runners, marathon runners, dog walkers, horse riders. Something for everyone. 


  • Ability to adapt and thrive in an innovative, dynamic, friendly environment.
  • A Fear-Free or gentle handling-based approach to interacting with and handling pets.
  • Passion for improving veterinary healthcare and educating animal owners.
  • Compassionate team player with a positive attitude that prioritises effective communication.
  • Life long learner who stays current on innovation in the industry and continuous learning to meet and exceed  CPD requirements

Additional Qualifications

  • You love working with pets and they love working with you even more!
  • Understand that  our gold standard approach is doing the best you can, with the hand you’ve been dealt. If you want targets and to CT every single case, we might not the right fit.
  • You have a knack for creative problem-solving and are excited to learn new things.
  • You enjoy being part of a team that is collaborative and strives to offer the best care possible.
  • You possess excellent communication skills and a penchant for exceeding expectations.
  • You have a passion for mentoring vets and veterinary support team members.
  • You quickly develop a rapport with business partners, team members, and pet owners.

Please send us an email to if you would like to find out more about working in a supportive practice, in the most beautiful, peaceful, affordable  part of the county.

To apply for this job email your details to