Purrfect care for your cat

Your new kitten deserves the very best start in life. Our friendly nurses will make sure they’re healthy and can offer advice on keeping them feline fine, from nutrition to worming and flea prevention.

Come back each year for vaccinations and annual health checks (all included in the Thrums Practice Plan) and if you have any questions, just ask, we’re happy to help.

Thrums have been trusted by local pet owners for generations. With 15 vets across four practices, we never outsource our patients. Day or night, we guarantee you’ll always see a Thrums vet.

Thrums Vet Perthshire Cat Care

The best choice for your cat

Free nurse checks

Ask us anything via the free online app

Routine care becomes simpler and cheaper with a Thrums Practice Plan, just £12 per month for cats.

Dedicated cat care wards

Specialist clinics for kittens and senior cats

Our practices have everything you need to care for your cat, including food, remedies, and all medications.

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Caring for your cat or kitten

Would you like advice on how to care for your cat? Are you worried about any aspect of its health or wellbeing? You can ask our nurses anything via Pets App and we’ll be happy to put your mind at rest.

For all aspects of cat care, we recommend the International Cat Care site.   This comprehensive website has everything you need to know about looking after your cat.

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Practice Plan

Save money on the cost of your cat’s treatments to keep your beloved pet healthy and happy.
Spread the cost of routine care across the year by paying with Direct Debit. Monthly plan costs start from £12.00 See below for more details