All new kittens receive a free nurse check as soon as they have moved into and taken over your home! This ensures all is well with the new family member. You can have 4 weeks free pet insurance, guidance on kitten care and advice on feeding, flea prevention and lots more.

We vaccinate kittens at 9 and 12 weeks to ensure they are fully protected against some debilitating and potentially fatal diseases. Our cats are then vaccinated and health checked annually to keep them in tip top condition.

We recommend worming your kitten every month until they are 6 months old. After that worming is preferably done every 3 months, but 6 months minimum. Hunting cats will pick up tapeworms and should always be wormed every 3 months. We use a very safe and easy product which is a spot-on wormer which kills all tapeworms and roundworms with a simple dropper on the back of the neck. The days of loosing a finger getting a worming tablet into a cats mouth are now long gone!!

Fleas are now a year round problem but can be easily prevented with a simple cost effective spot on product from the surgery.

We can carry out advanced fracture repairs in cats with the help of our advanced digital x-ray unit and and also ultrasound for investigating heart problems, pregnancies and for abdominal scanning. We are one of the few practices in the area to have invested in digital x-ray developing.

Older cats can benefit from our senior cat clinic which offers a wide range of tests checking for all the more common problems we see in older cats and a greatly reduced price.


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