Our expanded premium pet food range is designed to keep your cats and dogs happy and healthy, and we’ve ensured that our prices are kept as low as possible.

With ingredients including Scottish salmon and Angus beef, we’re sure your pet will taste the difference, while you can rest assured they’re receiving all of the proteins, vitamins and minerals they need to live a happy, healthy life.

Whenever you change your pet’s diet, it is important to do so gradually, to allow them to adjust. If you have any questions about what food is best for your pet, speak to our team, either by booking an appointment to see one of our nurses, or via PetsApp now.

Members of our Practice Plan Extra receive 20% off our premium pet food range.

Puppy and kitten diets

Kittens and puppies grow quickly, so getting their diet right is vital to help them grow into healthy young animals.

Our complete kitten and puppy recipes are formulated to provide young pets with the balanced nutrition and increased energy content that they require during growth.

This includes a higher level of protein, rich in essential amino acids to support healthy muscle growth and added vitamin E to help support the immune system. The smaller kibble size of our recipes also helps to make mealtimes easily manageable.

Young adult diets

It is crucial for your pet’s health that they maintain a healthy weight while getting all of the vitamins and minerals they need throughout their lives.

Our diets are formulated to provide your pets with the perfect balance for their needs, while also being truly delicious, made from a range of exciting, natural ingredients!

Senior diets

As our pets become older, typically from around seven years, their nutritional requirements can start to change as they may become less active, spend more time indoors or develop a slower metabolism.

Our complete recipes are formulated to provide high quality protein, fewer calories and added l-carnitine to help enable your pet to maintain their optimum weight and healthy, lean muscles as they mature.

It’s also enriched with our joint care pack to help support ageing joints and maintain good mobility.

This means that your golden oldie can continue to enjoy mealtimes to the full without compromising on taste.

Prescription diets

What your pet eats can have an effect on a wide range of illnesses and conditions – both positively and negatively.

Because of this we have a range of diets tailored specifically to help cats and dogs to remain happy and healthy regardless of what life throws at them.

Always speak to one of our team before you switch your pet onto one of our prescription diets.

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