Thrums Vet Group


These are the foundations that support our mission, shape the culture and reflect the practice values. These are behavioural traits inherent in our organisation which do not change over time.

1. Integrity
2. Community
3. Excellence
4. Happiness
5. Friendliness


Not every practice is the same in Angus and Perthshire and we are proud to say we strive to go the extra mile for our clients and patients. Every member of our team believes that HOW we do things is just as important as WHAT we do.
We aim to maximise the health and happiness of our clients pets and enhance the welfare and productivity of our farmer’s livestock.
The 5 deep seated values underpin every aspect of our approach to veterinary medicine and customer care.
We believe in nurturing a relaxed and happy workplace for our employees where efficiency, effort, team work and excellence are holistically rewarded.