Tick Prevention for Pets

tick prevention for cats and dogs

Ticks are a common concern for pet owners, and they can cause serious health issues for your pets. The good news is that there are several preventative measures you can take to protect your pets from ticks.

The first step in dealing with ticks is to use prevention products. These products can help keep ticks away from your pets, preventing them from attaching in the first place or they can kill the tick within a few hours of them attaching. Our team at Thrums Vets can recommend the best products for your pet based on their lifestyle, age, and health status.

Regularly checking your pet for ticks is also essential to prevent tick bites. Make sure to examine your pet thoroughly after they’ve been outside, especially in areas with tall grass, bracken, and woods. If you find a tick on your pet, you can use tweezers or a tick hook to gently remove it, being very careful to avoid squeezing the tick’s body, which can increase the risk of disease transmission. Our team can provide guidance on the safest and most effective tick removal techniques.

Lastly, if you’re planning on traveling with your pets, make sure to research tick prevalence in the area you’re visiting and take appropriate measures to protect your pet.

By taking preventative measures and regularly checking for ticks, you can help keep your pets safe from tick-borne illnesses. At Thrums Vets, our team is committed to providing the best care for your pets. Contact us today to chat and discuss tick prevention options for your pets.

If you are members of our Practice Plan we will supply year-round flea and tick prevention as part of the scheme. We care that you can enjoy life with your pet without worrying about these parasites. Details of our Plans can be found here.

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