Your partner in farming

The health of your business depends on the health of your animals. To run an efficient, profitable farm you need to partner with vets that understand not just the welfare of your livestock, but the demands of a modern agricultural business.

Thrums farm vets have been an integral part of the Angus and Perthshire farming community for over seventy five years, keeping animals healthy and productive for multiple generations of local farmers. We continue to be at the forefront of our profession as the largest independent veterinary group in Scotland, combining traditional values with the latest in innovative practice.

Supporting the farming communities of Angus and Perthshire since 1948

Our practice was first established in 1948 when local farmers helped Jim Baillie, a well respected vet from Brechin, to set up on his own.

Since then we have grown to care for animals small and large throughout Angus and Perthshire with our teams based out of Kirriemuir and Blairgowrie, but throughout our team has been a passionate supporter of local farmers.

We understand that your farm is a business, and do everything we can not just to care for your animals, but to help farmers to achieve their goals.

We take a collaborative approach to share knowledge, discuss problems and to search for the best solutions for individual farms, making use of our fantastic, dedicated farm team, and our knowledge of the farms and farmers in our community.

Our range of services can be tailored to the needs of your farm, whether dairy, beef, sheep, poultry or smallholder. We provide all of our own out of hours and emergency care and prioritise continuity of care, to help you to build a relationship with a vet you trust. We will always have two experienced vets on call to help you should you need us.

We’re leading members of the XLVets Farm community, which means our vets contribute to, and gain knowledge from, the largest pool of independently owned farm veterinary practices – and we pass that expertise directly along to you.

To find out more about how we can support you and your farm, get in touch with our team today.

Our Services

Preventative healthcare

We believe in a proactive approach to farm health and pride ourselves in our ability to deliver preventative health solutions to a high standard by building trust in our relationships with our clients.

Health planning

Health planning underpins much of what we do – not as a box ticking, compliance-led exercise, but as an opportunity to improve farm health and productivity.

Out of hours and emergency care

We offer 24/7 emergency provision for calvings, lambings, caesarean sections, prolapses and downer cows.

Disease investigation and control planning

We aim to get to the bottom of problems to prevent a recurrence in future years, rather than just prescribing medicines.


We offer pregnancy diagnosis in beef and dairy cattle with four ultrasound scanners available, as well as bull and tup fertility analysis and semen evaluation, either for routine pre-breeding certification, or where concerns about performance exist.

Post mortems

We offer post mortem examinations and sample collection to help identify cause of death and prevent future problems.


Our pharmacy is comprehensive and competitively priced, and we work closely with our colleagues at XL Vets to mitigate the effect of unexpected medicine shortages.

In-house lab

An in-house laboratory for worm egg counts, fluke egg checks, metabolic blood analysis and downer cow analysis, turning round same day results.


We can investigate and treat all lameness cases, and we have a mobile, hydraulic cattle crush for attending to lame cows and bulls.

Flock Health Club

Our group of engaged sheep farmers share knowledge and benchmark performance, as well as getting access to discounted goods and services.


We can assist with the export of animals and animal products, and work with our farms to understand their business’ needs.

Meet the team

Working for you

We’re always here for you
We never outsource our work. We have 15 vets across four locations. Day or night, you’ll always get a Thrums vet, with full access to your records.

Extensive mobile facilities and services
Advanced portable diagnostic tools and the latest clinical technologies mean your animals get the treatment they need quickly and efficiently.

Proactive & preventative approach
The welfare of your animals is a long-term consideration. Our veterinary advice includes all areas of health planning & disease prevention.

Large animal vets
On our team we have vets with a dedicated interest in specific large animals, including sheep and cattle.

Nationally Recognised for Clinical Excellence
Thrums Vets is one of only five practices in Scotland invited to join XLVets, a unique national organisation only open to practices that meet the most exacting clinical standards. Read more about XLVets.

Working with you

We understand the business of farming
A long-term care approach to increase the health and productivity of your stock

Flock and herd management advice
We care for individual animals, but consider the bigger picture, too. Herd and flock welfare and management is critical to the successful business.

Farms skills courses and other workshops
Throughout the year, we offer training opportunities for you and your team to learn more about specific topics.

Animal specific groups
Some of our vets run animal specific interest groups. For example, the Flock Health Club, for sheep farmers to keep up to date with the latest in ovine healthcare.


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