Other Vaccines

The three vaccines mentioned above are the most common vaccinations to give riding horses in the UK. In addition, there are other vaccines that are usually only used in high-risk areas or in breeding horses.

Rotavirus can cause diarrhoea in young foals, but it rarely affects older animals. An equine rotavirus vaccine is available to stimulate immunity in mares so that their milk contains specific antibodies which give their foals protection during their first few months of life. Pregnant mares are vaccinated during their 7th, 9th and 10th months of gestation.

Equine Viral Arteritis is rarely seen in UK. It can cause abortion in pregnant mares, and control measures are in place to keep the disease out of the country. An EVA vaccine is available and many stud farms vaccinate their stallions to prevent them becoming infected and spreading the disease. However, vaccination is not currently required in the general horse population in the UK.