Types Of Feed

Feeds for horses can be divided into forage, concentrates and additives. As the gastrointestinal system is adapted for high fibre/forage diets it is important that a large proportion of the diet should be forage. Without adequate forage proportions, the horse is much more prone to medical conditions such as, stomach ulcers, inflamed intestines and some forms of colic.

Dietary needs are greatly influenced by the type of horse and the lifestyle demands made upon it. In addition to a mainly grass/hay/haylage diet there are multiple feeds available, along with ‘balancers’ which usually comprise vitamins, minerals and pre and probiotics.

Each horse should be treated as an individual. It is important to ensure your horse is not overweight as this can exacerbate many other health problems, especially arthritis and other musculo-skeletal problems. Please feel free to discuss your horse’s condition with your vet.