We’re the only locally owned, independent vets in Perth, and we opened our Scone branch in 2020, purpose-built to provide a happy and safe environment for our patients, and giving us the flexibility to tailor our service and care to meet your pets needs.

We try our best to keep your pet’s visit to the vet positive. We have separate waiting rooms for cats and dogs, and separate cat and dog wards with soft luxurious bedding designed to minimise the stress caused to our inpatients when they spend the day with us. We offer puppy health checks with our nurses to help get the little ones more confident in the vets and make it a positive experience for everyone. You are always welcome to pop in to help build the confidence of your pet, and our large waiting room has plenty of space for everyone. We use pheromone diffusers in the practice to reduce stress and we have little cat castles in the cat ward so your feline friend has somewhere to hide and feel safe.

We always make the effort to engage with our local community, and are happy to treat local wildlife free of charge if you bring them in, as well as liaising with the SSPCA to ensure the best outcome for the animals.

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Our Practice Plan Extra is the best way to ensure your pet stays healthy

Our Practice Plan is designed to spread the cost of preventative care across a monthly direct debit. Our Practice Plan Extra goes one step further, allowing us to provide the highest standard of care to our patients, including unlimited free consultations with our vets and nurses. That’s right – plan members can visit our practice as often as they like, and they won’t be charged for consultations! Find out more today.

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Our newest branch in Scone opened in 2020 and is a fully equipped small animal branch, caring for the pets of Scone, Perth and the surrounding area. Scone is the base of 2 vets, 2 nurses and 2 reception and administration staff.

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