My Rabbit has stopped eating

What should I do….?

Unlike dogs and cats, it can potentially be very serious if your rabbit stops eating, even for just a short period of time.

If you haven’t seen your rabbit eat for 12-24 hours, this is serious and it should be seen by a vet as soon as possible. In the wild, rabbits eat continuously which keeps their guts turning over, domesticated rabbits also need to be eating regularly throughout the day. The best way to recreate this is to have your rabbit out grazing or eating ad lib hay. This should really make up 70-80% of their diet. Fresh vegetables and pellet dry diets should only be a small component or given as a treat.

If your rabbit stops eating it may be because its in pain, this could be due to overgrown teeth, urinary infections, gut pain, arthritis, all of these could be serious if left and in some cases fatal.

If you have any questions about your rabbits current diet or you are worried about its health, please ring any of our surgeries.
We will be doing the very popular Happy Hopper Bunny month again this May, a chance for a free health check with our nurses and a free goodie bag, so look out for more information nearer the time.

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